Sworn Translation and Certification of Sworn Translation


I also provide sworn translations, which means I translate documents and have them validated by the court, making them official translations.

What is a sworn translation and a certification of sworn translation?

A sworn (or certified) translation is a translator’s official statement that the translation of a text corresponds to the content of the original document.

This statement is formalized in person by the translator who takes responsibility for the translation at the Court by signing a sworn statement.



When does an Italian translation need to be done by an official translator and sworn at the Court?


When the document must be submitted to an Italian authority (Municipality, Police, Ministry of the Interior, and so forth.)

Examples of documents for which I can provide sworn translation with certification at the Court of Rome:

  • birth certificate

  • single status certificate

  • marriage certificate

  • death certificate

  • university degree; academic report cards

  • police certificate

  • certificate of pending proceedings

  • decree of divorce

  • notary deed

  • general and special power of attorney

  • educational qualification equivalencies

  • ecc.


Court sworn translation: how it’s done

A court sworn translation has official value and must be done as follows:

  1. The translator translates the document. Then another translator does a full revision for terminology, spelling, style, and checks that the format complies with sworn translation guidelines.
  2.  Then a file is created of the original, the translation, and the sworn statement.
  3.  The required tax stamps are applied (usually a €16 stamp for every four sides and another €16 for the sworn statement).
  4. The translator who did the translation goes in person to the specific office of the Court and before a court officer swears that the translation is faithful to the original text in the source language. The sworn statement is then signed and stamped by the sworn translator and the court officer.
  5. The court officer or the officer in charge of the court’s expert and sworn statement office records the translator’s sworn statement and receives a copy of the first side of the document and enters the sworn statement in the computer register specifically for sworn translations.
  6. When the document must also be legalized, the translation goes to the legalization office at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the same Court, and requests the stamp of legalization or the Apostille.
  7. The sworn translation, which is now an official translation, is delivered to the client.


Sworn translation costs


Rates for sworn translations vary based on the type of document, the volume, and the urgency. You can send me a scan of the document to translate, I’ll send you a free quote after I have looked at the document.

For documents that need to be translated, sworn, and legalized, I apply customized prices, not based on a price list. I usually DO NOT apply a cost per page or word so I can offer you a customized quote.

For sworn translations of large volumes, I apply reduced rates. In this instance as well, the cost of the translation will be based on the specific job.

As a guideline, the translation of a typewritten page of about 220 words, with the revision included, costs €30 to which you should add the cost of the sworn translation in court is €80 (tax stamps excluded). If the translation needs to be legalized or needs a Hague Apostille, there will be an additional cost of €60.

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