Professional Translations and Italian Lessons for Foreigners: Why Choose Me?

I make it my mission to help you overcome language and cultural barriers and to communicate effectively and professionally.

Read what those who have used my translation services have to say about me:

Laura Uplinger
Prenatal Psychologist, Rio de Janeiro

“Francesca Felici is an excellent translator. Her knowledge of the Italian language is extraordinary. The elegance of her translations speaks to her vast knowledge, her appreciation of classical Italian, and her deep sensibility.”

Fabio Palma
Director of the European Institute of Design, Rio de Janeiro

“We had several opportunities to use Francesca Felici’s specialized legal translation services, both from Portuguese to Italian and from Italian to Portuguese; we have always been pleased with her work: punctual, flawless, and highly professional.”

Read what those who have chosen Italian language lessons:

Antônio Ventura
Director, Rio de Janeiro

“She is an attentive teacher who uses fun teaching methods. She both efficiently teaches the lesson content and attends to every student inside and outside of class.”

Thaysa Miranda
Fashion Student, Milan

“Francesca is a very attentive teacher! She is patient, easy-going, and loves her job! She is a lovely person. I couldn’t have found a better teacher for learning the beautiful Italian language. Thank you, Francesca, for everything you have taught me, your patience, and your affection.”






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