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If you want to win over new markets or consolidate your business relationships with international clients, how about start by using their language? Put your trust in a professional translator with years of experience. Have a look out my services:

Professional Translation

Despite machine translation’s recent advances through neural networks, only human professionals can guarantee knowledge of the right terminology and context: the essential keys of quality communication. Find out what I can translate for you to make your professional life easier:





General nonfiction;


Tourist guides and travel literature;


Articles for print and online magazines about tourism, prenatal psychology and health;


Maternal and child health; humanities and social sciences; art, theater and literature.

Documents and Certificates


ID cards, passports, driving licenses;


Certificates of birth, marriage, death, criminal records, residency, family status, and so forth;


Medical, health, and veterinary certificates;


Wills, deeds, judgments;


Academic documents;


Diplomas, certificates, transcripts, syllabi, curricula, individual learning plans;


Research projects about tourism; prenatal psychology and maternal and child health; humanities and social sciences; art, theater, and literature;

Personal use


Curriculum vitae and short bios;


Meeting minutes, reports, assessments;


Content for social media, such as captions, post, etc.;


Blog articles;


Reports for conferences and public speeches on tourism; prenatal psychology;


Maternal and child health; humanities and social sciences; art, theater, and literature.



Brochures, catalogues, and travel itineraries;


Promotional emails;


Presentations of events and festivals;


Websites for hospitality accommodations.

Maternal and Child Health:

Prenatal Psychology, Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding


Informational and promotional material;


Essays, studies, and guides;


Educational material;


Texts for websites.

Read what people say who have used my services:

Francesca Felici is an excellent translator. Her knowledge of the Italian language is extraordinary. The elegance of her translations speak to her vast learning, her appreciation of classical Italian, and her deep sensibility.

Laura Uplinger

Prenatal Psychologist, Rio de Janeiro

An exemplary translation! Francesca sought to capture the intent of the words on the subject of urban planning. This approach, the hallmark of a professional, was key for the quality of the article presented at the 9th Workshop of INU (Italian National Institute of Planning) in Naples.

Ana Paula Gomes

Architect and Urban Planner, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca translated an academic paper that I wrote into Italian. From the first pages, I knew for sure that I had chosen the right translator. Francesca grasped the spirit of the subject and did an excellent job. She always paid close attention to my comments and found the best solutions for the context. And, as I speak Italian fluently, my review was very thorough. In fact, I plan on continuing to have her translate my writings.

Mario Gaio

Linguist and Professor, Niterói

Francesca is a passionate and competent translator. The quality of his work is always at the highest levels; the availability and enthusiasm with which she completes her commitments make her an irreplaceable professional and collaborator.

Antonella Castello

Translator and editor at ABEditore publishing house, Milano

In late 2016, I contacted Francesca to translate a short article, the proposal for a research project to send to an Italian university to complete a graduate degree course. Not only did she quickly complete the translation, Francesca asked me for feedback because I know Italian. We had a chance to discuss some of the more technical terms used in the translation, whose use she was able to explain appropriately.

Kellyne Marques

System Analyst, Rio de Janeiro

We had several opportunities to use Francesca Felici’s specialized legal translation services, both from Portuguese to Italian and from Italian to Portuguese; we have always been pleased with her work: punctual, flawless, and highly professional.

Fabio Palma

Ex Director of the European Institute of Design, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca Felici handled the translation of my postdoctoral dissertation that I wrote for the University of Bologna (Italy). The dissertation became two books, one in Portuguese and the other in Italian. Francesca translated the original Portuguese into Italian. (…) Francesca did a meticulous job with all the key features of a good translation, keeping open a constant dialogue with the author to resolve doubts and highlight errors and make corrections, all of which were accepted (…). Through her experience we could also add translator notes in some sections so Italian readers would have no problems understanding the content. It was an exemplary work that will remain part of the history of education and music in Brazil, India, and other countries.

José Nunes Fernandes

Music professor at the State University, Rio de Janeiro

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela


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