Read what people have to say who have taken my Italian and translation courses:

She is an attentive teacher and uses fun teaching methods. She both efficiently teaches the lesson content and attends to every student inside and outside of class.

Antônio Ventura

Director, Rio de Janeiro

Thank you for the affection and consideration you showed me. Learning a new language at this stage of my life is a big, wonderful challenge. You have the gift of teaching. I am so glad to have met you and had the chance to be your student.

Terezinha Moreno

Social Worker, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca is a very attentive teacher! She is patient, easy-going, and loves her job! She is a lovely person. I couldn’t have found a better teacher for learning the beautiful Italian language. Thank you, Francesca, for everything you have taught me, your patience and your affection.

Thaysa Miranda

Fashion Student, Milan

I would like to thank you for the feedback on the translations I did during the course. I got a great deal out of it. Thank you for the guidance during the class and for the corrections of my texts. I learned a lot, and I hope to be able to put it into practice soon on the job.

Raphani Margiotta

Editor and Proofreader, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca is from Rome, and she is an excellent teacher. Her method includes, reading, writing, and speaking to help a beginning student learn the content. She is also kind and patient. I recommend her!

Diego Henrique Hirsch De Mello Bessa

Engineer, Rio de Janeiro

Nice class, very useful. I work sporadically in translations and the workshop I took in 2016 opened new avenues for me and gave me new perspectives. The teacher, Francesca Felici, was always dynamic and helpful. I recommend the class!

Erika Leporaci

Language Teacher, Buenos Aires

She is a good teacher. She is responsive and thoroughly explains the subject. The lessons are dynamic. She gives us a lot of exercises to do at home and corrects and explains them in class.

Elaine Poggio

Chemistry Professor, Rio de Janeiro

I had the chance to take the Italian Translation Workshop three times. I gained a great deal from these three semesters, benefiting from the course content and method, taught with skill and passion. With a creative, dynamic approach, the teacher made the students’ interests central to the lessons and presented a great variety of material. The method encouraged me and gave me the confidence to handle a variety of material. I started to understand the language better and feel like a “translator.” Fantastic! I recommend it to anyone who has discovered the magic and charm of the Italian language and culture!

Luís Fernando Ribeiro Santana

Professor of Theology, Rio de Janeiro

I started studying Italian with my teacher, Francesca, in November 2017. With every class, I could feel I was progressing in my mastery and knowledge of Italian. I went to Italy in June 2018, and I realized that there were no longer barriers when I communicated in Italian. Francesca is an excellent, dedicated teacher, always pleased with my progress. I suggest
Francesca’s classes to anyone who wants to learn Italian. It is also important that the teacher be Italian because she not only teaches her native language, but can also teach about the culture and customs of her country.

Ligia Caputo

Public Administrator, Rio de Janeiro

“Happy are those who pass on what they know and learn by teaching.”

Cora Coralina


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