What my students are saying about my Italian Language lessons:

She is an attentive teacher and uses fun teaching methods. She both efficiently teaches the lesson content and attends to every student inside and outside of class.

Antônio Ventura

Director, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca Felici was my teacher in a two-year social project. Her classes were a time for me to learn a lot about Italian culture and interact with it. Her key strengths I’d note include: innovative methods, her dynamic approach, and practical lessons. Francesca also has the special ability to understand the level of each student and their progress. Her intuition for understanding the nuances of people, their limits, and possibilities make her a special teacher.

Terezinha Moreno

Social Worker, Rio de Janeiro

Francesca is a very attentive teacher! She is patient, easy-going, and loves her job! She is a lovely person. I couldn’t have found a better teacher for learning the beautiful Italian language. Thank you, Francesca, for everything you have taught me, your patience and your affection.

Thaysa Miranda

Fashion Student, Milan

She is knowledgeable on many subjects, such as the culture, stereotypes, and national holidays, for a few examples. She always asks if I have topics to discuss, and the conversation can be serious or joking depending on the case. She is flexible and understanding.

I like that at the start of class, and usually the end too, we tell each other our news and chat freely. One time I was feeling down, she found jokes to make me have fun and feel better. I think it’s a great thing to feel free in a class to admit that you’re not feeling well. I can sum up my feedback in four words: thank you so much.

Pirkko Heimonen

Finnish conversation student, Turku

I started studying with my teacher, Francesca, in November 2017. Lesson after lesson, I realized the progress I was making in learning and improving Italian. I went to Italy in June 2018 and realized that there were no longer barriers when I communicate in Italian. Francesca is an excellent, dedicated teacher, always pleased with my progress. I recommend lessons with Francesca to anyone who wants to learn Italian. It’s important that the teacher be Italian because not only are they teaching their mother tongue, they also teach general information about their country’s culture and customs.

Ligia Caputo

Public employee, Rio de Janeiro

I love classes with this teacher, who, over time, has taught us to understand the right way to learn Italian. The following is the most fundamental of the points I could make: Her deep knowledge of Brazilian culture and language and Italian culture and language make her a complete teacher, a quality that undoubtedly gives us confidence in studying Italian. She is available for any additional information. As soon as I get to Rome, if she’s available, I’ll go to Francesca to continue my studies.

Wilson Guimarães

Driver, Rio de Janeiro

My experience has been exceptionally good. Francesca’s live online lessons are very enjoyable, entertaining, and informative.
Initially I was very apprehensive due to my lack of experience of spoken Italian, but Francesca has helped to increase my confidence significantly by speaking slowly, being very patient, and repeating a lot of words!
In summary – highly recommended!

Richard Rhodes

Director, York, UK

I would like to thank you for the feedback on the translations I did during the course. I got a great deal out of it. Thank you for the guidance during the class and for the corrections of my texts. I learned a lot, and I hope to be able to put it into practice soon on the job.

Raphani Margiotta

Editor and Proofreader, Rio de Janeiro

I had the opportunity to take the Italian Language Translation Workshop three times. I gained a great deal from these three semesters, benefiting from the course content and method, taught with skill and passion. Thanks to this creative, dynamic teacher, the students’ interests were always central to the lessons, in which she presented a great variety of material. This method encouraged me and gave me the confidence to handle a variety of texts in Italian. I started to understand the language better and feel like a “translator.” Fantastic! I applaud the teacher for her ability to put her students at ease and encourage them. I suggest her to anyone who has discovered the magic and charm of the Italian language and culture.

Luís Fernando Ribeiro Santana

Professor of Theology, Rio de Janeiro

Nice class, very useful. I work sporadically in translations and the workshop I took in 2016 opened new avenues for me and gave me new perspectives. The teacher, Francesca Felici, was always dynamic and helpful. I recommend the class!

Erika Leporaci

Language Teacher, Buenos Aires


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